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So. Onward and upwards: have I even slowed down enough to give a… - Darkness Calls - and it's Long Distance Collect, Too! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 1st, 2014|09:17 am]
So. Onward and upwards: have I even slowed down enough to give a snapshot (there's a dated reference) overview here? I'm thinking I haven't.

Probably be a good idea, if only for reference.

2014 rang in with the the death of my Mom - I'd been her support ('caregiver' is too strong for such an ornery lady) for the last couple of years and it hit hard. Orphan now. Miss her much.

My older sister balked at my handling the Estate; my younger sister, who is wise, proposed we be co-executors. Expensive attorney made it so.

Added another medication to the regimen: Synthroid.

Jenny agreed to marry me; nuptials are tentatively scheduled for October 24th. 2015.

Found a buyer for the old homestead on 18th. Will, of course, have to move - Expensive attorney had no faith in me as a realtor and was unprepared, starting months of delays.

Liquidated all my assets, emptied my bank accounts and added it to the couple of grand from Mom's life insurance and bought a house.

Probate court's appointed appraiser values house $30k less than it appraised in November 2013 - suspicious I am.

Note early warning signs. Discuss them with Doctor B. He advises my blood pressure is not only up in the normal range, which is odd for me, but actually high. My cholesterol isn't at all bad for a guy my age "with your diet", and I'm losing hair rapidly. I blame Synthroid - he blames stress.

I go off Synthroid for two weeks, check back. Am glad I didn't bet money against my doctor. Doc advises me to relax. I joke that I've forgotten how and he gets surprisingly serious - very out of character. "You need to learn, then."

Evict tenants at rental property for destroying yard and property. New tenants turn out worse.

Use Better Business Bureau to get company owning my new house to clear the title to me - they are surprised that I pulled a big gun so soon. Not messing around here.

Begin reconstruction and rehab of new property.

Have a mild transient (has characteristics of both ischemic and hemmorhagic) cerebrovascular accident - completely lose my sense of balance, so I relearn how to relax. Spend three days resting; take the opportunity, once I'm able to sit up, to rebuild my computer.

Probate court approves sale of Homestead property - begin negotiations with buyer.

Dodge in and out of roofing new property, due to weather.

... and that's about it.

I'm damn tired; still recovering stamina and strength, but have to get up on the rooftop today and finish it off.

Then interiors.

Actually, I think I've got some pictures here somewhere... I'll dig 'em up and post.